The exciting saga of KUD Mladost 1947: A journey through the cultural pearl of Subotica

We present to you the story of KUD “Mladost 1947”, a gem of the Subotica cultural scene, whose roots go deep into the past, 75 years ago. This society, with its rich tradition, over 30,000 members and diverse sections, represents not only a cultural institution but also the heart of the local community.

It all started back in 1947, when the enthusiastic collective OKUD “Mladost” was founded in Subotica. Since its foundation, various sections within KUD have been developed, creating a rich network of artistic expressions. On the initiative of the young members of the society, the festival “OMLADINA” was formed in 1961, a revolutionary platform that gave young talents the opportunity to shine all over Yugoslavia at the time. The festival has become an indispensable place for the affirmation of young composers, singers, musicians, songwriters and arrangers.

The central point of KUD “Mladost” has always been a folklore ensemble, which since its foundation has stood out as the most successful and massive in the region. In addition, in 1974, the first children’s folklore ensemble in Vojvodina was formed, opening the door to young talents and giving them the opportunity to develop and express themselves through traditional dances. So the following sections were formed:

  • Children’s ensembles, divided by age, elementary, I, II and III children
  • Pre-performance ensemble, children up to 15-16 years old, on the verge of shining brightly
  • Performing ensemble – young and not so young, but above all experienced players who have mastered all the choreographies and are ready at any moment to perform the whole evening’s program.
  • The veteran section has been working for almost 20 years and is made up of former members of the performing ensemble.
  • Recreational group consisting of adults who have not played folklore before, but have the desire, will and love for the game, divided into two groups, beginner and advanced.

All the mentioned sections are an example of how KUD “Mladost 1947” fosters continuity and inclusivity in its work, offering a chance to everyone who shares the love for folklore heritage. Through years of hard work and dedication, OKUD “Mladost” has become known not only in Subotica but all over the world.

Performances at important events and festivals brought numerous awards and plaques, including prestigious first places at European and world competitions:

  • first place at the European folklore festival in Belgium (1972),
  • first place at the INERTIE world festival in England (1982),
  • first place at the international folklore festival in Belarus (2013),
  • first place at the regional folklore festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2019)

Travels across Europe, Asia and Africa bear witness to the richness and beauty of the cultural heritage they represent. Performing on different stages, KUD “Mladost” left an indelible mark and won the hearts of audiences around the world.

The fund of the society includes an impressive 1,000 sets of folk costumes, while the folk orchestra, which functions as part of the society, contributes to the diversity and richness of the performances on stage. Through this synergy, the company is able to fully present the traditions and customs of the people whose dances it performs. The total number of choreographies exceeds the number of 40, covering the entire region from Vardar to Triglav, and special emphasis is placed on nurturing the cultural creativity of Vojvodina and Serbia. The participation of many renowned choreographers such as Olga Skovran, Dragomir Vuković, Branko Marković, Milorad Lonić, Sulejman Muratović, Agata Žic, Slobodanka Rac, Vladislav Babijanović and, of course, Natalija Marković, the long-time artistic director of the folklore ensemble, as well as many others, makes a big contribution to this.

Today, KUD “Mladost 1947”, as a valuable guardian of cultural heritage and a symbol of community, continues to inspire and delight with its dedication, passion and love for art and tradition. Their story is not only a journey through time, but also an ode to life and community, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of generations who had the privilege of being part of this unique adventure. This society is a living monument to joint work, passion and love for culture. Their performances are more than just art – they are a story of community, unity and pride. As we step into the future, KUD Mladost remains firmly rooted in its traditions, but open to new ideas and challenges. Their story continues to be written, enriching the
souls and hearts of all who come into contact with their legacy.

KUD “Mladost 1947” – where tradition meets the future, where the heart of national creativity turns into an artistic miracle, where what makes us unique is preserved and celebrated.